Yemen Kuwait Bank for Trade & Investment (YKB)

The rapid global development in the banking sector in recent years has meant that in order to maintain its position as an industry leader, YKB has had to embrace a continuous cycle of development and modernisation across all areas of our operations. Leading the way as Yemen’s first private sector bank, YKB co-founded an insurance company offering a wide range of insurance services and was the first commercial bank to establish Islamic branches.

The bank's board understands that complacency undermines ambition and so it has developed a strategic plan that will ensure YKB’s position as one of the top banks in Yemen during the next five years. Simply providing standard banking services required by the clients is no longer sufficient to assure our position as a leader in Yemen’s financial services sector.

This is why we have adopted our “extra mile” concept in serving our customers. Each client of YKB is unique, with different needs, and our obligation is to offer every client a personalized experience that best serves their individual needs, delivering consistently high standard products and services to ensure optimum satisfaction.

Achieving optimum client satisfaction is a huge commitment and requires great attention to be paid to even the simplest details. From our customer friendly operating style to the way we present our services, we aim to embrace and overcome every challenge we face as we evolve our operations to best serve our customers.

We believe that in order for YKB to stand out and be unique from other banks, we should strive to increase our clients’ respect for the bank and their satisfaction with the services we offer as much as we strive to increase profit margins. YKB’s success is measured not only by its financial standing, but, in equal degrees, by its clients’ satisfaction.

YKB was established nearly 40 years ago, and since then, despite a variety of economic and political events that have impacted the global financial sector, the bank’s strong roots and firm values on which it was founded have ensured it has continued to grow. Throughout the years, YKB’s stability has created a strong trustworthy image in the public’s eye, making it the obvious choice for anyone looking for safe banking services.

YKB’s heritage has given it a strong foundation to build on into the future, allowing it to achieve its vision of becoming the preferred destination for integrated financial services. This ambitious vision is derived from the bank’s

“To provide individuals and businesses in Yemen with an upscale level of financial services exemplified by personal attention to clients’ needs and aspirations, as well as to contribute to the national economy by ensuring it employs qualified, self-motivated staff and constantly evolving through the use of the most modern techniques.”

We believe that YKB’s commitment to strictly following the local and international laws and banking regulations, adopting the best practices, ensuring of all the bank’s employees deliver on their promises and maintaining clients’ confidentiality as a top priority is essential in order to sustain the confidence our clients have in the bank.
YKB aims to fulfil its goal of delivering high quality services that ensure client satisfaction by ensuring its professional staff master their duties and through investment in continuous improvement.
Overall, to achieve all the ambitious goals set by the bank, we believe that proper planning, knowledge and dedicated employees are the best techniques for finding the safest and shortest route to accomplishing our objectives.

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